BOD Meeting 11

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 17 May 2023
Meeting Time 19:30:00
Location PP Abhay Bhise's Residence
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic BOD Meeting 11
Meeting Agenda • Meeting called to order and welcome. President Rtn.Namita • To approve Minutes of Last Meeting Secretary Rtn Atul • Review of Activities of the club President Rtn. Namita • Service Projects : - Rtn Vivek Kulkarni. Review of projects planned and done May . Inform about projects to be undertaken during June . • Club Administation - Rtn Vaishali Lupane Review of program planned and done in May . Discuss about club programs for the month of June • Youth Service : - Rtn Vidya Patil Review of program planned and done in May. Inform about the Youth sevice activities planned for the month of June • Membership Development : - Rtn Sameer Prabhune No member added in this year. • Public Image Director: - Rtn Ganesh Hadake Review of program planned and done in May . Inform about the Public sevice activities for the month of June. • The Rotary Foundation: -Rtn Meeenatai Ghaisasi Present Status of donation to the foundation. Plan till June 23. • Vocational Director : - Rtn Rupali Bajaj Review of program planned and done in May .Inform about the Vocational sevice activities till june 23. • Treasurer : - Rtn Uday Thattee. Status of account of club. Status of account of trust. Expenses incurred till now. • I.T : - Rtn Asmita /Rtn Pushkaraj Status of projects uploaded on relevant platforms. • Director Special Projects : -Rtn Nitin Naik Review of program planned and done in May .Inform about the Special sevice activities till june 23 • Director Finanace : -Rtn Abhay Bhise • To plan to complete the Goals set by our club on website. • Counsellor Remark . – Rtn Ajit Kulkarni • Trainers Remark - Rtn Ram Kutwal • Any other point with the permission of chair. • Vote of Thanks - Rtn Milind Kulkarni.
Chief Guest NA
Club Members Present 10
Minutes of Meeting • The meeting started at 8.00 pm. President Namita Naik welcomed all the members of the Board for eleventh BOD meeting of the year. She shared the various activities and programme carried out in the month of April. • She gave the feedback of the overnight RYLA of IC Dadachi Shala at Pashan. PP Vidya, Rtn Kalesh, Rtn Arti helped for the program. The entire funds for RYLA were sponsored by Rtn Ramthirthikar. • President said that only in Membership we could not do any increase and hence no award. • Secretary Rtn. Atul gave the status of attendance and other activities in May. The attendance was about 50% average per meeting. • The Minutes of the last BOD were read and confirmed. Proposed by Rtn Vidya. Seconded by Rtn Milind. • Review of major activities and programmes to be conducted were shared by different directors. • Service Projects: Director Rtn Vivek Kulkarni Director Rtn Vivek was absent. • Club Administration: Director Rtn Vaishali Lupane Director Rtn Vaishali Lupane gave the status of the planned programme. In Every Meeting Rotary Information was given. Programme for May 6 May - Lecture on Posture Ergonomics 14 May – club day 20 May - doctor orchestra 27 May – planning assembly Program for June 4 June - Bawarchi day 11 June – Ladies /Gents night 17 June - Installation 24 June – Thanks giving Only 2 members have not given the fellowship. The Maximum possible programs were done without any remuneration to the speakers. All appreciated the efforts of Rtn Vaishali. She also gave the programs for June. All programs have been finalised; the installation ceremony fellowship will be coordinated by Rtn Vidya. • Youth Services: Director PP Vidya Patil PP Vidya said that Residential RYLA was conducted. Rtn Kalesh, Rtn Arti were present. Total 40 children participated for 2 days. • Membership Committee: Director Rtn Sameer Prabhune 2 new members are interested. We can induct in June. Rtn Ajit raised the issue of club members leaving. Rtn Ram is leaving the club. • Public Image Committee: Director Rtn Ganesh Hadake. Director Rtn Ganesh Hadke said that selfie point is to be done. Coverage about the projects done has appeared in many newspapers. • The Rotary Foundation: Director Rtn Meenatai Ghasasi Director Rtn Meenatai was absent. Total giving at 7000 $ approx. • Director Vocational Service: Rtn Rupali Bajaj Director Rupali was absent. • Director Special Projects: Rtn Nitin Naik Rtn Nitin said that the dialysis machines are installed. The date of inauguration is 25 May at 11.00 am. DG Anil has agreed to be the chief guest. PP Ajit has agreed to sponsored Rs 10000/ for the project. Four Water ATMs for Wadi will be installed in June. • Finance Committee: Director PP Abhay Bhise Director PP Abhay Bhise • Treasurer: Rtn Uday Thatte Treasurer Rtn Uday was absent but he had informed as under: The Balance in Club account is not available. The Balance in Trust account is not available. Scholarship to given on interest of Late Prachi Dharamsee Foundation amount is still pending. – Rtn Meenatai has coordinated with President Namita. • IT Director: Rtn Asmita/ Rtn Pushkaraj Rtn Asmita was absent. All data has been uploaded on the 3131/RI Website, Facebook & Instagram. • Club Counsellor: Rtn Ajit Kulkarni Rtn Ajit was absent • Club Trainer: Rtn Ram Kutwal Rtn Ram was absent • Other points Next BOD will be hosted by Rtn Milind Kulkarni. The meeting ended at 9 pm with vote of thanks to the host and all members for attending the meeting by PE Milind Kulkarni.